What's New at Westgate Tavern & Grill?

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Your local bar and grill should do more for the community than just serve up drinks and food. It should serve as a gathering place where people can let loose and enjoy good company. Westgate Tavern & Grill hosts a variety of events each month, so you'll always find something fun going on. Call with any questions you have at (517) 323-9170!

Westgate Tavern & Grill is a proud Michigan State bar, so you can always count on us to have the latest Michigan State games cued up.

Ready for a night of fun?

Ready for a night of fun?

You can find all kinds of things to do at our bar and grill in Lansing, MI. Stop by our Michigan State bar for:

  • Saturday karaoke nights
  • Michigan State football and basketball games
  • NASCAR races
  • Local shows

Call 517-323-9170 today to find out what's going on at Westgate Tavern & Grill in Lansing, MI. Ready to belt out some karaoke? Stop by any time between 9:30 p.m. and closing.